Annual Meeting

Date: 7th of May

Place: Stora Enso, JTH

Time: 17.00

What happens at the Annual Meeting?

  1. The Board presents what have be done the previous year
  2. The Board presents the Plan of Operation – the goals of the next board to fulfil the coming year and voted through (adjustment can be made on the spot)
  3. Motions sent in by members and the Board are presented and put to the vote
  4. The next Board is elected.

The Board Positions

ALL positions are open for applications.
1. You apply on the spot at the time of the Annual Meeting.
2. Prepare a speech of max 5 minutes.
3. After your speech you will answer the questions from the annual meeting.
4. The applicants will leave the room after their speech and after they have answered the questions and the annual meeting is allowed to discuss openly.
5. The annual meeting moves to voting and once the voting is done the applicants is called back to the room and the winner is announced.

You will find detailed descriptions of all the positions through this link: —Cooming soon —


The President is the leader of JUSA and the person responsible for good and healthy functioning of the same. The main task of the President is to coordinate the boards work, follow up the work performed by the association and ensure that objectives and visions are fulfilled, based on the possibilities of association in the specific moment.

Vice President

The Vice President is the Presidents right hand and act as advisory and the President replacement in case of her/his absences. This position also has a few specific tasks which can be seen through the link above.


TheTreasurer is responsible for managing and recording JUSA finances.

Head of Communication

The Head of Communication is responsible for informing JUSA:s members of relevant subjects as well as brining attention to JUSA:s activities and events. In practically you are responsible for the marketing strategy, social medias and graphical design. There is a possibility of creating a small team to divide the tasks.

Head of Events

The Head of Events is responsible for overviewing and coordinating all internal events produced by JUSA and managing the project team. This includes both arranging tournaments and social events for members.

Head of Sports

There are 2 Head of Sports and they share the responsibility of representing the coaches in the board and assisting the coaches to ensure they can perform the daily practises as smooth as possible. This includes replenishing equipment, recruitment of new coaches, bringing the opinions of the coaches to the board with additional tasks.

Head of External

The Head of External is responsible for upholding, developing and finding new partnerships both on short-term and long-term basis.

Head of Quality

The Head of Quality is responsible for the quality of the Boards work and the quality of the practises. This in practice means having an objective view as possible to the Boards work and bring attention to decisions that might not be for the best of the majority of members. It foremost includes handling situations and conflicts that occurs between members or between coaches and members.

The Agenda, Motions and other relevant documents will be sent out latest 23rd of April.

Motions must be sent in to the Board latest by 16th of April :